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Chennai Rehabilitation

06 december, 2015, India

The monsoon of 2015 has caused one of the worst floods in modern India. The southern state of Tamil Nadu has been hit extremely hard. Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, home to over 6 million is facing it's biggest fight for survival. The metropolis is deluged from torrential rains that the city hasn't seen in over 100 years. The city of Chennai and its surrounding districts, has seen unprecedented devastation to life and property. More than 300 people have lost their lives and more than 1.8 Million have been displaced from their homes. Damages and losses are estimated to be more than USD 3 Billion ( INR 20,000 Crores ).

The city residents and it's officials have been involved in immediate relief to the millions affected by providing food, water, rescue and shelter. Us at United Good believe long term restoration and rehabilitation are challenges that's pivotal to bring the city and state back to normal life. We have partnered with small scale industries in India to procure relief materials at cost for people affected by the floods.. The relief materials will be transported to the city of Chennai and neighbouring districts .

In the first phase of rehabilitation, we are providing the needy with Floor mats, Mattresses, Pillows and Blankets. We are able to provide these items for just under $10 (retail price ~ $30). We have volunteer relief teams from Rotary clubs, NGOs, community welfare groups to deliver these Phase I "Foundation package" to those affected. We also have an advisory team comprising of former Indian Administrative officials (IAS officers), Judges, Police officers who are providing us guidance and support on the ground.

Rebuilding the city of Chennai and the affected areas is a daunting task and a long term process. We strongly believe that this can be accomplished by working with local community organizations and volunteers. We intend to provide everyone with detailed reports on how the funds are being utilized and distributed through social media and emails.

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